After ten years of practice and gaining experience abroad, Maja Pihler Stermecki presented herself to the Slovenian audience with her authorial project “Bilbi” at the end of 2010. A scholar of the Ministry of Culture and a graduate of the Viennese Conservatory of musicals, Vienna Musical School, moved to Berlin in 2004 after a four-year music study in Vienna, where she lived and worked as an actress and singer in various theater performances and musicals until the end of 2009 ( Cabaret, Evita, West Side Story, Hair, Anne Frank, Captain Blaubaer, American Dreams, Der Reigen), as a studio singer (Wortfront Berlin, Thilo Rex, Die Geschwister Pfister), a studio speaker for the Slovene language, and a composer and author of popular and theater music. She regularly works with authors such as Gregor Stermecki and Rok Vilčnik. As an author she also works with various musicians and ensembles (Papir, Nina Pušlar, Severa Gjurin). As part of the Bilbi musical project, she has already released three albums (Tiny Pictures, Tuscany, Weak Points). They all received excellent critics from experts and music enthusiasts.
In 2011, she began to work with II. gimnazija Maribor as an artistic director of the school of musicals and mentor for stage movement, dance and theater play. In 2013 she took over the artistic direction of English Student Theatre and the role of choreographer and dramaturgist at the Romeo and Juliet musical, as well as the musicals Alice in Wonderland, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, for which she also arranged the script. Recently, the current musical A Midsummer Night’s Dream received the Jury Award at the Juventa Fest Theater Festival in Sarajevo.